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Program Offerings

Personal Support Worker

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Approximately 35 weeks of Personal Support Worker education, with a 24-week Bridging Program in development.

Personal Support Worker Bridging Course


We offer the PSW Bridging Program with:
a).  Shorter training program. Total of 350 hours (Theory, Practice and Clinical Placement) 
b).  Discounted tuition fee.

First Aid & CPR

First Aid and CPR Certificate

Learn basic First Aid Training and CPR. Dive right into class with one of our expert teachers. This is a Required training course when working in health care. CPR saves lives! Get in touch with us to learn more, or better yet, come by to experience this class first-hand.

Parkinson's Disease

Professional Training

Know the symptoms of the disease and the answers to the questions about the how, when and the role of medication in its management. Learn about guidelines in caring and managing symptoms of your loved ones and clients with PD.

Diabetes Education


Learn the different types of diabetes, its symptoms and complications. The seminar includes the proper technique in giving insulin injections and the
role of proper diet, exercise and medication in preventing the risk of serious medical complications in diabetic clients.

Caregiving in Dementia


Caregiving in Dementia (Montessori Approach) – Learn the different types of
techniques in the proper management of a person with dementia. Includes individualized activities based on the Montessori Method aimed to improve quality of life and preventing and reducing responsive and challenging behaviour.

Medication Administeration


Provides training that allows the PSW to be knowledgeable in assisting clients with medication and administering medications as a delegated act. Having the advanced Medication Administration Course Certificate gives an advantage to the PSW to be more competitive in the health care practice.

Mask Fit Testing


Required when dealing with conditions like Covid and other airborne infectious transmissions and is particularly useful during the present time. The course is only 3 hours and you will receive a card by a certified Mask Fit instructor. The certificate is good for 2 years.

Food Handler Certificate


This certification is a legal requirement when serving food in public or working in the food industry. Training includes preventing foodborne illness and food safety practices. You will receive a card as proof of training completion that can be used during food safety inspections.

Dementia In-Service Training

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Differentiate normal ageing vs dementia. Understand the risk factors, warning signs and symptoms in the different stages of the disease and its management.

Palliative Care Training


Learn how to deal with clients with life-threatening conditions or provide End of life care. Be knowledgeable in improving the quality of life of clients through proper communication, learning techniques on how to deal with the physical symptoms and psychological issues of the dying person and most importantly supporting a peaceful and dignified death for your client or loved one.

IELTS Training


We enhance your language skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking in English. This training will help you prepare and gain confidence in taking the IELTS exam.

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